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Stay on Top of Spring Allergies

The weather is starting to feel more pleasant and the flowers and trees are about to bloom. It’s springtime! That may be exciting for some, but for more than 50 million Americans living with nasal allergies, it can quickly become a nightmare.

If you’re experiencing itchy and watery eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, and coughing, it’s time to clean and optimize your HVAC system to stay on top of spring allergies.

Here is a list of spring cleaning tips you can do yourself to boost indoor air quality.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

If you want to open your windows and let the fresh air in before you start cleaning, make sure you turn off your system and pay attention to outdoor air quality forecasts. Keep in mind that when you open windows, you are opening up your house to pollen and dust.

Dust Your House

Start by cleaning the registers and return vents in each room. Vacuum regularly—especially rugs and in areas you haven’t touched in a while as they might be holding dust and particles.

Replace Your HVAC Filter Regularly

Your HVAC filter is your first line of defense against pollen and replacing it is quick and easy. Consider upgrading to a higher MERV rated filter if your system can accommodate it. Contact us [LINK to CONTACT] if you are unsure of which filter to use and our experts will help you choose the best filter for your unique system.

Clean the HVAC Unit Outside

Head outside and clear away any debris or foliage. Chances are if dust and debris have accumulated around the unit, those particulates could make its way into your house.

Check for Air Leaks

Look around the unit, at windows and doors, the attic, the basement, and anywhere that is vulnerable to leaks. Seal up any leaks so allergens can’t get in and cool air won’t escape.

Look for Mold

Check for mold and mildew in your HVAC unit and around your house. Mold thrives in humid, moist environments. If mold is in the system, those nasty contaminants could blow throughout your house. Look at ducts and check the unit for water drips.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Keep up with regular maintenance and set up an HVAC tune-up appointment to keep your system in peak condition year after year.

A healthy HVAC system will provide a comfortable living environment in your home for years to come. Get ahead of the summer heat and have your air conditioner serviced before you’re stuck without on a hot day. One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning is available 24/7 to assist you. Schedule a checkup today!


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