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4 Reasons to Schedule an A/C Tuneup this Spring

You know it’s time to treat your house to some much-needed spring cleaning, but you might not know that your air-conditioner could use a warm weather tuneup as well. After all, your A/C system has been hibernating for about five months and is getting ready to face down sweltering summer temperatures on your behalf.

HVAC professionals, like One Hour Air, along with government agency Energy Star recommend a springtime A/C tuneup. However, some homeowners have an “if it ain’t broke, don’t bother” mentality toward their A/C system.
That perspective can leave you with a few thousand dollars in unexpected repair bills and several days of no A/C during blistering 100 degree weather.

Sound fun? No way.

Sound safe? Absolutely not, especially for young children, senior citizens and pets.

Disregarding an A/C tune-up puts you at risk for:

Your A/C unit deserves respect.
Your A/C unit deserves respect.
  • Costly major repairs
  • Reduced A/C performance and control
  • Hazardous refrigerant leaks
  • Boiling summer days without A/C

Tuneup 101: What a Technician Does During a Tuneup

Your One Hour Air technician will assess the health of your system by examining crucial points.

Your Technician Will:

  • Test refrigerant levels.
  • Water wash condenser coil for efficiency.
  • Inspect contactor for proper electrical connectivity.
  • Inspect capacitor for leakage and wear.
  • Inspect/lubricate condenser fan motor.
  • Record amperage draw of compressor.
  • Inspect and tighten electrical connections.
  • Inspect service valve for leakage.
  • Inspect indoor evaporator coil.
  • Inspect blower assembly.
  • Calibrate thermostat.
  • Flush condensate drain.
  • Evaluate air filters.

Here are four convincing reasons for you to contact One Hour Air to schedule a spring A/C tuneup.

Reason 1: A Big Financial Win

Air-conditioning systems are complicated and expensive. Just like with your car, you can’t expect to get the most mileage out of the investment without putting in some maintenance.

Prevent Costly Repairs

During the course of your A/C tune-up, a One Hour Air technician examines your system closely, looking out for potential problems. Discovering an issue before it causes the system to break, lowers the cost of the overall repair. A regular tuneup is a technician’s best tool for discovering a problem before it strikes.

Extend the A/C’s Lifespan

HVAC experts say that yearly tuneups extend the system’s lifespan. Earning a few extra years out of your A/C system is money in the bank.
Major manufacturers, like the One Hour Air supported Goodman, recommend a yearly tune-up to get the most out of their product.

Keep Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

The warranty on an expensive system can save you both money and worry in the event of a system failure. Some manufacturers require a yearly tuneup by an HVAC professional in order to maintain the warranty. The cost of a once-a-year tune-up is a small price to pay if it can keep your A/C protected from a major incident.

Reason 2: Stop Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is a liquid used to absorb heat from the air that is cooled by your A/C system. Damage to your system can cause the liquid refrigerant to leak.
Refrigerants contain CFCs which damage the ozone layer when released into the air. The toxic refrigerant fumes can cause both severe neurological and respiratory damage to a nearby person. Symptoms of refrigerant poising include:

  • Dizziness
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Burning feeling in the esophagus
  • Vomiting blood
  • Seizures

Read more about refrigerant poisoning

Diagnosing a minor leak is the only way to prevent the health risks of a large leak. If operating properly, the refrigerant level will be stable and the system will be completely sealed. This indicates no refrigerant has escaped or will escape in the near future.

Reason 3: Improved Efficiency and Control

An A/C tuneup keeps you protected from trouble down the road, but it can also help your comfort and your electrical bill right now.

HVAC systems which receive a yearly A/C tuneup can perform 5% more efficiently. Simple maintenance ensures that your system doesn’t work harder than necessary. In time, that reliable 5% savings pays for the cost of the tuneup.

Read more about getting the most efficiency from your HVAC system

Ever change the thermostat and not feel a difference in temperature? Calibrating the thermostat and keeping the A/C system free of debris ensures you have more precise control of the climate in your home.

Reason 4: Beat Lethal Summer Heat

Tragically, many Americans die each summer from excessive heat inside their homes. Cases of heat related illness and death demonstrate the danger that can come from unexpected A/C failure.

Symptoms of Heat Related Illnesses

First and foremost, overwhelming heat can exacerbate other medical conditions. Doctors have linked excessive heat to heart attack, among other dangers.

Heat stroke is the primary ailment to occur from a heat exposure due to an A/C failure. It occurs as a result of the body’s cooling mechanisms failure, causing brain temperatures to rise to the point of brain damage or death.

Keeping your A/C alive keeps you safe from a heat stroke risk.
Stay inside and stay cool.

Symptoms of heat stroke include:

  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Throbbing headache
  • Decreased alertness level or complete loss of consciousness
  • High body temperature (sometimes as high as 105° F)

Who’s at Risk?

The elderly and the young are particularly at risk for heat stroke and other dangers that can be caused by the sudden extreme heat. Even a brief gap in A/C coverage can create a serious health disaster.

Read more about how to keep an infant safe from the heat.
Family pets, who are often left home alone for long periods of time, are in danger of the A/C going out suddenly.

Schedule Your Tuneup Today

Given the importance of your A/C unit, a spring tuneup is a necessary step to protect your home and your loved ones. The knowledgeable and friendly technicians at One Hour Air are at the ready to help you keep your home cool and comfortable while the temperature rises outside, and to help you keep that A/C system you invested so much in running like a champ. Find out how easy it is to avoid A/C calamities.

Contact Us to talk about ways to safeguard your air conditioner and to schedule an A/C tuneup.

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